The world faces an extinction-level crisis...

Scientists discover a mountain-sized meteor headed toward Earth, but not fast enough.. Only Chris, with his unique telekinetic power, has a chance to stop it—but is he strong enough?


Meanwhile, Jack confronts a world teeming with fanatical cultists who will stop at nothing to return their master to his twisted throne.


Spark and Uriel embark on a dangerous mission to assassinate the cult leader. Maya battles unseen forces who aim to pit the Mind Agents against each other. And an unlikely new recruit uses her unique psychic ability to twist time itself hoping to bring the gifted teens together again.


But can the Mind Agents reunite before the Earth is pulverized into space dust?

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If Peter Waylan can't reset the clock, humanity will hurtle toward a terrible end…

After an attack on his time-travel lab propels renowned temporal physicist Peter Waylan into an uncontrollable drift backward in time, a strike force from the future invades the past to conquer time itself. Now his strange negative trajectory may be his only hope to save himself and prevent a disaster…

As his freefall through the past accelerates, he traces the future soldiers' roots to history's darkest age. Now he must race against a doomsday countdown to change the timeline before it's too late.

Can this peace-loving scholar wage war against killers from the future and save the world from a reign of terror?

Back Time is the brain-bending first book in the Back Time science fiction time travel series. 

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He never thought he was special. Until he was kidnapped and trained to use his powerful sixth sense…

Jack Ellis is struggling big-time. As if looking after his Alzheimer’s-addled cranky grandpa isn’t hard enough, the 17-year-old is juggling unpaid bills and a stack of urgent homework. So the last thing he needs is to be abducted by secret government agents who want to exploit his untapped mind powers.

After undergoing painful psychic training with other teenaged recruits, he and his new friends discover a mind-control terrorist plans a major attack! The young mentalist fears he won’t master his abilities in time to stop him.


Can Jack tap into his talents to prevent all-out annihilation?

Awakened is the action-packed first book in The Mind Agents paranormal thriller series. 

The Mind Agents 2 Deceived_final_scott adjusted.jpg
They fought to save the world... Now the world is fighting them!

Powerful government forces imprison and sedate our teen psychic heroes. They're helpless to confront a new threat: a shadowy political leader in Washington with ESP powers far greater than theirs.


Unchecked, this hypnotic statesman could subvert the will of the people, become the next U.S. president, and force the entire world to do his bidding.


Hunted by his minions, the teens risk it all—including each other—to stop this crafty madman. Can they save the human race before it becomes a mind-control cult?


Deceived is book two of the Mind Agents paranormal thriller series.

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